Monday, August 24, 2009

"Obama Should Focus on HEALTH, Not 'Health Care Policy'"

Just published on's Fox Forum.

"Health insurance reform" failed for both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, whereas "health" worked for Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon. Two very different presidents; but millions of Americans owe their lives to them, and to their good works against polio and cancer, respectively.

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  1. One of our greatest salesmen is Ross Perot. Obama should ask him how to proceed on Health Care.
    You made a great point in saying: "I am going to cure Alzheimers." It struck a limb in my Family Tree along with Colon Cancer.
    I remember polio & the hospital rooms filled with iron lungs & patients in them. My niece was a March of Dimes poster child. I myself was crippled (that's the word we used then) for 5 yrs. of my childhood. Oh yes, I remember those great Doctors who helped us.
    President Obama needs to read your article & maybe even my comment. Then he should make that call to Perot. And as far as doubling down, our President needs to get on his knees & pray that he doesn't screw it up.