Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is Obamacare Welfare? How Much of the Great Society Do We Want To Bring Back?

Lloyd Green, a former Justice Department official in George H. W. Bush's administration, posts a piece for New in which he asks the question: Is Obamacare just another word for welfare? As Green puts it:

Government option healthcare has become the flashpoint of the Great Welfare debate redux. The reality is that there is an insurance gap between between working whites and minorities, and the Obama Administration is asking taxpaying Americans to a) pay for closing the gap and b) making government both the insurer and regulator for all.

The Obamans and the Democrats have come a long way from the time--even if it was just a few months ago--when they argued that "health care reform" would make health care better.

They might get something through, but it is not going to be popular.

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