Thursday, August 13, 2009

People 49, Obamacare 34

A new poll from Fox News/Opinion Dynamics finds that the public opposes Obamacare by 15 points, 49:34.

Of course, maybe folks would feel differently if they read the bill.

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  1. I am surprised its not higher based on the media noise. Only 49%!! I think that figure is a little overstated. While 81% of GOPers oppose it some of that is based on party loyalty not the policy- they fib. The real number is probably closer to 43-44% opposed. The question is how much Obama wants it. Based on party line voting the GOP can't stop it. You come up with a plan and count your votes. If you have a 1 vote margin RAM it thru (or maybe Rahm it through). Will the democrats get clobbered in 10- perhaps. Its hard to get blown out in 3 election cycles in a row. Lost the house- maybe. Lose 11 seats and the Senate?? Could a GOP Congress repeal Obamacare and override a veto?? It will interesting to see if Obama wimps out.