Sunday, September 25, 2011

"The Super Committee Faces the Challenge of Knowing the Unknowable"

From the Manhattan Institute's Medical Progress Today blog


  1. A balanced budget and constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget should be promissory oaths every member of the HILL needs to take before getting re/elected. And those not taking or keeping their oaths should be thrown out of the House or Senate and their names stained into America's history as Traitors with the likes of: Aaron Burr, Ethel/Julius Rosenberg and Benedict Arnold.

    FDR wanted to pack the Court to get his way. Reducing 535 to the Gang of 12 is an end run and makes bribing them a little easier ... like a Chicago Black Sox or a CCNY Basketball player in '51.

    Want to save $$, then retire the EPA for 5 years. They accomplished their mission. Same with the Department of Ed. Let the PO belly-up and sell its remains to FedEx & the UPS. 86 OSHA, who are they protecting? The unemployed? Revisit their resurrections in 5 years or after the Hill People make good on my proposed balanced budget oaths.

    In the mean time take the moneys saved and put half towards the national $14 Trillion debt and the other half to finding cures for AD & Diabetes, - for starters. While the Hill people are at it, maybe they can abolish the Tobacco industry; this would kill the "seed" of Lung cancer.

  2. You made a very good point , Peter, too bad the reality is different

    1. Usually people will only rise to the level of your expectations of them. Hopefully this November, the Hill People will feel the kick in their keisters and get down to "brass tacks" (Counter top tacks set 3' apart to measure clothing material yardage).
      I can see $16T reasons today for the tacks we used 2 centuries ago in small town General Stores.