Sunday, September 25, 2011

Serious Medicine Strategy is now part of the the Manhattan Institute's Medical Progress Today Blog

Here's one of several pieces I have written for the new Manhattan Institute Medical Progress Today blog.  


  1. RE: The Fate of the Social Contract + comeback of dengue fever.

    Wow! Great article Jim. Talk about hitting nails on their heads. You should have thrown in Polio too, -oh yea, it's back, 8 cases imported into US.
    If only DC's PCers would close/secure our boarders.
    Maybe send each of them should read your article Jim.
    Oops, stupid suggestion; they don't even read medical insurance bills before voting.
    I go back to my old mantra:
    We need Americans on Capitol Hill. How about 535 Grandmas (so long as they aren't attorneys). Nanas know what's best/safest for their grand kids. They are not like these Gonifs of kleptocracy who would steal the starch out of our collars!

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