Thursday, May 19, 2011

Predictable surprise:The Obama administration has not come up with a medical malpractice proposal

Politico Pulse scoops:

FIRST IN PULSE: E&C LOOKING FOR DEM MED-MAL BILL- In a video, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee wants to know where the White House's medical malpractice proposals are, quoting President Obama's comments at the State of the Union. "Mr. President, we look forward to your response," the video is called. The video 

But of course, there's been no follow up from the administration, and probably won't be. 


  1. Where are the White House's medical malpractice proposals Mr. President?
    Another lie from a son of Satan!
    I'm not holding my breath; am just not going to vote for BO in 2012. He stinks!
    ps: Juvenile promises require juvenile responses.
    If I wrote BO's bio it would be entitled: A Sick Joke On America.

  2. The Dems don't believe there is a medical malpractice crisis, or even an issue. They champion the status quo. Those of us who try to practice medicine understand personally how dysfunctional and unfair the current system is. Who can defend a system that targets innocent physicians routinely, causes an explosion of defensive medicine and misses the vast majority of true medical negligence? Answer - The Dems!

  3. We saw that America is forcibly imitate the healthcare system of Canada and UK but nothing has changed the way Obama had promised to bring change..