Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where Does This Legislative Complexity Come From? Could There Be A Machine That Spews All This Stuff Out?

Jim Hubbell, a friend from Whitesboro, Texas, reacted to my "End of Healthcare Liberalism" post from Saturday. As I wrote then, the proliferating complexity of legislation threatens to undermine democracy and popular sovereignty.

To which Jim adds:

One has to wonder just who wrote all these multi-thousand word pieces of proposed legislation going around both houses of congress lately. What with three-day work weeks and long lunches, it doesn't seem possible that the honorable members have the time to pen these obviously wordy proposed laws, designed to take over the medical industry by the Obama regime. They have already made it clear that they have neither the time nor the inclination to read any of the lengthy bills before they vote on them. Perhaps the actual writing has been done by organizations that benefit from the contents of the bills.

Jim continues:

I can visualize a database on a computer in a K Street office, containing bits and pieces of proposed legislation that can be kludged together and packaged into one massive document. If it isn’t this way, then how is it?

And so he did visualize such a "kludge machine"--see above.

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