Monday, November 23, 2009

"The latest polls are an unmitigated disaster for Democratic efforts to get their health care bills passed."

"The latest polls are an unmitigated disaster for Democratic efforts to get their health care bills passed." Those are the words of Robert Laszewski, no conservative he, writing for The Health Care Blog.

Laszewski is thinking about the Rasmussen poll, showing support for the bill down to 38 percent, with 56 percent opposing. But as he notes:

It is not just Rasmussen that is measuring a dramatic slip in approval ratings for the Democrats on health care. Here are the last five consecutive polls released in the last week:

Fox - Favor 35% Oppose 51%
Quinnipiac - Favor 35% Oppose 51%
CBS News - Favor 40% Oppose 45%
CNN Favor - 46% Oppose 49%
PPP Favor - 40% Oppose 52%


  1. I recently addressed this subject in a blog entitled "No One Is Listening To Us". The health care bill was being pushed at a time when a substantial number of representatives in Congress and President Obama had not even read it. It appears to me that we are wasting our time reciting poll numbers when Charley Rich who gave us the incomparable country mega hit Behind Closed Doors is being memorialized for the wrong reasons. There was another Billboard song long ago, Come Saturday Morning that also tells the story. The very politicians that some of us voted for in good faith thinking that they would speak for our interests in a hallowed way and according to tradition are meeting and discussing our destiny on Saturdays when we cannot contact them and behind a solid closed door. We as Americans are not in this process, we are even enjoined by security guards from expressing our needs and views. Our good fortune is that this bill that will get to the floor on a funded basis, our funds, is illogical and unimaginably costly however as a resident or a politician you have to know how to dice it up like a CPA would. There are too many Americans who hear Universal Health Care and think they are going to get into the movies free. They did not read this bill either and maybe should run for office some day.

  2. How about a poll on respect and decency? Instead of "Obamacare" and "Bush and Katrina", how about a poll that we want our country, our leaders, our children to be successful? Parents today wonder why their children are going to school in an atmosphere of bullying, intimidation, disrespect to adults, ....and oh yes, why not pick up a few weapons at a gun show on the way to recess.......Well, we can always calm our kids down just by listening to the rants of Olberman, Beck, O'Hannity, Reilly, right and left wingnuts, etc......Hmmm, I wonder where kids get these ideas?



  3. "Did you read the bill" Hmmm, sounds like a new slogan like "where's the beef" or "tear down this wall" How many bills did Washington, Jefferson, Clinton, Bush, and Reagan read? I would hope zero, its not their job. Poor Abe would have gone into haberdashery if our celebrity-driven media were around in his day....

  4. Recently McCain blasted Healthcare's whores: AARP, Pharmas, Ins. Cos. and lastly but not least, the AMA, an organization to which ONLY 23% of Americas Doctors belong to. I guess they are the ones always in court due to incompetence!
    However, he didn't cite the biggest whores of all: the ones who take Booze, Bucks & Babes aka The Capital Hill Gang. It's TORT REFORM stupid!

    My consolation is that next November is "Voters Spring Cleaning Month."

    Also, I really would like to see MY American Roman Catholic Bishops use the powers of 'what is bound on earth is bound in heaven' and make "Not Voting" a serious matter, a mortal sin for allowing this Secular Society to fall further away from God towards Death Panels. It is time the Kahal Yahweh, the peoples of God: Christian, Jew & Islamic got knocked up the side of their heads by our Clergy Leadership and reminded of what is morality in a nation that was founded under God.