Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mike Huckabee Talks Cure Strategy

On his "Huckabee" show on Fox News just now, Mike Huckabee said that we need an Apollo Program against disease, or a Manhattan Project.   He didn't shy away from the issue of federal involvement--saying that yes, the government would have to invest more.   But at the same time, he emphasized that if such investment--coupled with tort reform and other streamlining--could lead to health breakthroughs, it would pay for itself.  After all, just about anything is cheaper than spending $1 trillion a year on Alzheimer's Disease by mid-century.

Speaking of illnesses such as Alzheimer's and diabetes and their costs, he asked, "Why don't we try to eliminate them?... It would be a magnificent effort. Not just treat disease, but eliminate it."   Inspiring words.  

He added of such an effort, "Think about what it could do for the economy."   That is, not just saving money for the government, health insurers, and individuals, but also creating jobs in new industries. 

To be sure, the whole hour of the "Huckabee" show was devoted to much more than just the Cure Strategy.  The former Arkansas governor offered a broad-ranging critique of the status quo, citing his own experience as executive of his state's Medicaid and other public health programs.

He sharply critiqued the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare, and he emphasized the importance of healthier personal behavior and prevention.  All important issues, to be sure.

But most notably, he also introduced a new concept--a new concept, at least, to the political and policy world of Washington DC--and that is, cures.   A cure is better than care.  The Cure Strategy.

The Cure Strategy portions of the show appear at about 35 minutes into the hour--the show reruns tonight, Sunday, at 11 pm ET.   And clips should soon be available on the Fox News site.

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  1. Polio was conquered by FDR & Jonas Salk. Will Obama's mother-in-law have to contract AD before DC wakes up again?

    As the old show "The Life of Rilly" would say: "What a Revoltin' Development This (Redistribution of Wealth) Is."

    My question is, can't "wealth" be defined as "Medical Cures Accomplished"? And if we redistribute our medical wealth objectives along the lines that FDR did, then we'll never have another president with Polio or with an on set of AD!

    Come on Mr. President, speak to us and the Hill People. Show us you are a visionary like FDR with Polio and JFK with the Moon.