Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bob Hugin of Celgene on the need for--and the benefit of--action Alzheimer's

Bob Hugin, Chairman and CEO of Celgene, and also chair of PhRMA calls for new push to improve treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.  

Hugin writes

"The Alzheimer’s Association reports that without new disease-modifying treatments, by 2050, at least 13.5 m
illion Americans will have developed Alzheimer’s disease, costing this country $1 trillion per year – a crushing expense. A new therapy that delays the onset of Alzheimer’s by five years would reduce by nearly 45% the number of people with the disease by 2050, and save $447 billion per year. We cannot afford NOT to invest in the discovery and development of such a potential treatment today."

This blog post is a heartening indicator that the whole pharma industry is eager to be a part of the anti-Alzheimer's effort, and is equally determined to argue that such an effort would not only be a humanitarian win for America and the world, but also an economic and budgetary win. In other words, a win-win-win!

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