Saturday, August 25, 2012

The US Government highlights the Alzheimer's issue

Seen on TV on Friday--a PSA for  Nice to see some recognition by officialdom that Alzheimer's is important. Now it will be interesting to see if either party makes it a part of their platform this year, or if either national candidate takes it up on the campaign hustings.

Meanwhile, the site seems rather unambitious, focusing on treatment, as opposed to cures.  Nothing new there. 

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  1. Keep at them Jim. The grooves between the street stepping stones of Pompeii where created by the redundancy of chariot wheels.
    Am sure Mrs. Romney will listen to you when she becomes First Lady.
    Alzheimer's runs in my family tree. We of Irish backgrounds use a kinder sounding name for it, we call it 'doting.' Alzheimer's is a cruel disease looking for a 'kind' cure. Maybe that's the other reason some call it doting. :-(