Friday, March 11, 2011

An American Center for Cures in Los Angeles

Intriguing article in the Los Angeles Business Journal by Dr. Robert Kotler, arguing that Los Angeles should be the home of the American Center for Cures (ACC).  The idea is to establish one place to be a hub for not just medical research, but medicine development.   As in, consciously turning research into cures for people, the way that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funds specific ideas and inventions for the US military.

The ACC is the brainchild of Chicago businessman Lou Weisbach and Miami urologist Dr. Rick Boxer.

Weisbach had been arguing to locate the ACC in Chicago, but of course, the ACC could flourish anywhere there's adequate capital and sufficient legal and regulatory protection.  What's most important is to get the ACC going somewhere.  


  1. I think dr. Robert is absolutely right. He has enough experience to say about that. Los Angeles is really good place for cure of many problems.

  2. Houston as the largest Medical Center in the world. On Fannin Street there are 23 hospitals with an average medical breakthrough rate of 1.2 a day. There is land to be developed at the end of this remarkable street, investment capital available, and a friendly local government with Mayor Parker. The legal environment in Houston/Texas is on it's way to being the most conducive to this type of project.

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