Friday, January 21, 2011

A challenge to Serious Medicine

The Huffington Post's Howard Fineman reports that President Obama's upcoming State of the Union address will be a sort of "Sputnik 2"--that is, a call for scientific and technological mobilization, of the kind that we saw in the wake of Sputnik, the first satellite launched into orbit, by the USSR, back in 1957.

That's fine and good, if Obama really pushes science and technology, as opposed to merely recycling "green jobs" and overall education spending.  

But Serious Medicine Strategists, and their allies, the Hamiltonians, do face a challenge: 

The public appears to think that the best place to make cuts is in infrastructure and science and medical spending.  The screengrab below is from the latest NYT/CBS poll: 

A reminder: The forces of science and medicine and progress always need to make their case to the public. That doesn't mean blind support for the status quo, of course, it means a serious look at the sort of scientific and medical research that is needed; that is, what is likely to pay off in ways that the American people will find persuasive. 


  1. Can you imagine if say the top R&D University Labs did a Ross Perot type presentation to the American people on what they are working on regarding cures, the hurdles they need to clear and their need for a lot more funding to do it. Plus the implications for us if they are successful.

    We need a Steve Jobs or some other rich men to front the money for such a “show.” Maybe then, the American people would force the Hill People to refocus and double down on Research For Cures.

  2. I think, Jim, that what you are bringing up is very telling and relates to our Presidential elections as well. As an analogy, look at the failure of voters to do their due diligence before they cast their ballot. They go into the polls either devoid of the facts or simply voting for a candidate based on looks and promises.The perspective on Serious Medicine, R&D, find the cure should be disseminated in a
    an even more voluminous and understandable way so that the American public can really take a microscope to questions about elevation of scientific research and other improvements desired by our citizens in the medical field.

  3. Serious medicine is really big problems for many country. After all it is matter of public health.

  4. By analogy, seeing the failure of voters to do your due diligence before they voted. They come in the polls is devoid of facts or just vote for a candidate based on appearance and promises.

  5. That does not mean blind support of the status quo, of course, that means should seriously consider this type of scientific and medical research is needed, and this is what is likely to pay off in ways.

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  6. I'm in the favor of Obama that science & medicine has to also progress then only they can give the new things to the society or people.

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