Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dr. Francis Collins on the anti-stem cell decision: "Frankly, I was stunned."

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, avowed Christian, speaking to The Washington Post's Rob Stein about  Judge Royce Lamberth's ruling  to halt federal funding of embryonic stem call research:

Frankly, I was stunned, as was virtually everyone else at the NIH yesterday, at the judicial decision. This decision has the potential to do serious harm to one of the most promising areas of biomedical research.

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  1. Looks like it's time for the researchers to give up having the government money and start working for people who want to hire them voluntarily. He talked about that like it's a bad thing. It really isn't. My employer voluntarily pays me quite a lot and what I am doing is a lot less critical than biomedical research.