Friday, February 26, 2010

Would Sen. Lautenberg Be Alive Today If The Legislation He Supports Were In Force Today?

Fox News' Andrew Napolitano makes telling point, reminding us that the healthcare bill is full of provisions that now get little attention--but which could have huge consequences:

Last week, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) collapsed in his apartment in Cliffside Park, N.J., a few miles south of the George Washington Bridge. When he called an ambulance and it arrived, he directed the driver to bring him to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. That direction is today perfectly lawful. Under all three health care proposals (the Senate, House, and presidential versions), such a direction would be unlawful; as an ambulance would be forced to take a patient to the hospital closest to the patient; in Sen. Lautenberg’s case, a small community hospital a few blocks from his apartment. Sen. Lautenberg voted for the Senate proposal that would have denied him the free choice that probably saved his life.


  1. Typical liberal. It's okay for the peasants, but I am sure there will be carve out for his ilk.

  2. Mr. Pinkerton, there will of course be healthcare for the very wealthy, politically connected, celebrities that will in no way, shape, nor form mirror proposed Democrat healthcare legislation. So relax. Sen. Lautenberg would still have gotten to his hospital of choice, but as you point out the many would not.

    Sounds like the Democrat healthcare legislation is nothing more than hypocrisy and a scam on the American public!

    Oh, and America let's watch and see if the Senate pulls the 51 vote Reconciliation Nuclear Option (or some other sleight of hand to pass the healthcare monstrosity).

  3. Jim:
    On 9/11 there were terrible acts of violence against our "once great" nation. After watching yesterday's Health Care summit and recognizing that many of our elected representatives are ignoring "We the People's" wishes, I slipped into my "Walter Mitty" mode of daydreaming that if on 9/11 I were God, instead of letting the plane fly into the Pentagon and killing all those wonderful Americans, that God would have let those evil ones succeed and crash it into Capital Hill instead. You see, as Walter Mitty my wish was that we could replace those "Hill People" with 535 Grand Mas, - so long as none of them had law degrees! You see, GrandMas would never place such debt on their grand children, Tarp be damned! And they would open up inter state bidding for all health insurance companies, and they would enact Tort Reform and allow people to buy their medicines from the least expensive Canadians or some other country and even curtail late term abortions because GrandMas love all their grand children.
    I can dream, can't I? Then maybe we could return to greatness as a nation, as a people. Where are our Ron Reagans, Tip O'Neals, Patrick Moynihans? Maybe, just maybe please God, come next November we can find some like them to vote for instead of just voting out the incumbent bastards!
    I'm a GrandPa and I know what I am talking about.

  4. Putting politicians in charge always means putting the needs of the politicians before the needs of the people whose choices are to be made irrelevant and this is just one simple case of this. Sure, you could get a couple of hundred million people together to try to save your life by voting against the law about choosing where you want the ambulance to take you when you fall over, but somehow I think that this kind of "control" over your own medical care might be a wee bit impractical. It's just a guess. Not that politicians are likely to care about such menial things as people's lives or choices when their interests are at stake.

  5. Mr.Pinkerton: Our life span as Americans is going to fall like Icarus into the sea if a government plan gets here and I doubt that it will. Last week I went to my endocrinologist and he found through a blood test that my thyroid level doubled up. My wife and millions of Americans need synthroid brand. Of course he had to increase the dosage.But I had just refilled the useless one. So now even with a government plan I had to shell out about $80 just in co-payments because the brand which is the most effective medicine is very expensive. Flash forward to socialized medicine in a hypothetical sense. I could never imagine that a government decider would not opt for the generic and probably erase the visit. Do it over the phone and use the cheap stuff, that's what we are headed for if we do not politically stop it.