Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"The Stethoscope of the 21st Century" -- The Infosphere Bends The Cost Curve

Once again, the biggest and best news about healthcare comes from outside the Beltway--from technology.

If GE can make the Vscan a handheld MRI (that's GE CEO Jeff Immelt holding one at a San Francisco expo last week), then the cost of scanning is about to crash, as other players get into this soon-to-balloon sector of the market.

Which is to say, healthcare will get better without rationing. It's too bad that the Obamacare people can't process this sort of good news into their notional budget projections.

But the rest of us might reflect on how healthcare will change, when healthcare is fully integrated into the infosphere.


  1. Once again: the best health care reform is progress.

  2. There is no question that advanced technology and capability will mitigate costs and generally improve the effectiveness of our current health care system. The zeal and obsessiveness of the public option incuded in the health care bill takes in no other extenuating circumstances than the determination to achieve universal health care.